Pro-CARE 4

Active mattress for a very high risk of pressure ulcers.
Product advantages/ Highlights
Technical parameters
  • treatment for grade 1-4 pressure ulcers
  • cell type mattress with handles for the bed frame
  • setting the mattress according to the patient's weight
  • anti-slip treatment
  • adjustable patient comfort
  • zippered cover
  • possibility to set the length of the alternation cycle 10 to 25 min
  • static mode
  • maximum solidification
  • CPR
  • transport
  • pressure and service light
  • acoustic power failure alarm
  • patient sitting
  • mattress lock

Technical parameters

Standard mattress height 20,3 cm
Ultimate bearing capacity of the mattress 200 kg
Dimensions (lenght x width) 200 x 90 cm