PROMA REHA is also celebrating success in Croatia

17. 5. 2022
Last week, a presentation of PROMA REHA's products by its Croatian partner, Karl Dietz Kijevo, took place at the Czech Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, under the auspices of Ambassador Milan Hovorka and economic diplomat Josef Dvořáček. The meeting was attended by representatives of Croatian hospitals, who highly appreciate the quality products produced by this Czech company.
"PROMA REHA has been strengthening its position on the local market for a long time, and Croatian hospitals highly praise the company's products. This spreads the good name of the Czech Republic and the company itself, "said Ambassador Milan Hovorka.
The presentation event took place on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. A social program was prepared for the guests, which included the presentation of beds, which are celebrating their greatest success in Croatian hospitals. The whole evening was marked by the engagement of Czech and Croatian culture and cuisine. Guests, including the directors of major Croatian hospitals, head nurses and biomedical engineers, were able to enjoy quality Croatian wine, but also Náchod beer, which is brewed near Česká Skalice, the company's headquarters.
"The hard work of our entire company team, focused primarily on the quality and safety of our products and the satisfaction of our clients, who play an important role in the development of our beds and other products, is bearing fruit. I am proud of our products and I would like to thank our partner organization in Croatia, KARL DIETZ KIJEVO, which has received exclusivity from us for the Croatian market for doing its job very well and spreading the good name of PROMA REHA. A huge thank you also goes to the support of the Czech Embassy in Zagreb, "said PROMA REHA owner Radek Jakubský, adding that he greatly appreciates the support of the Czech Embassy and the opportunity and support to present the company's products directly at the Czech Ambassador's residence.