SUPERTA E also suitable for restless patients

Beds suitable also for restless patients SUPERTA E with electric mattress platform lift are designed to provide a safe environment for individuals and minimize the risk of injury to them and staff. These beds have several important functions and features, the most important of which include a controller firmly attached to the head of the bed, non-removable headboards and sides, and last but not least, the option of fixing belts.
SUPERTA E also suitable for restless patients
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    Product advantages/ Highlights
    Technical parameters

    Safe non-removable bedhead

    For greater patient safety, the bed is equipped with fixed, non-removable headboards.

    Non-removable siderails

    For maximum patient safety, the bed can also be equipped with non-removable side panels at the customer's request. This eliminates all parts that can be disassembled by the user and the bed becomes one compact whole.


    The controller is firmly attached to the foot board

    The controller permanently placed on the foot board, which is always available to the staff and enables them to easily control all basic functions, also contributes to patient safety. Among the biggest benefits that the controller has is the ability to lock all of its functions.

    Fixation belt set

    A special fixation mechanism using three restraining belts allows patients to move within an acceptable range while ensuring their safety and preventing them from leaving the bed unattended.

    Electric lifting of the mattress platform

    The increased range of lift of the bed surface reduces the strain on the nursing staff and facilitates handling of the lying patient. The reduced minimum height of the bed surface helps the patient when standing up.

    Width of the mattress platform

    The optimal width of the mattress platform 85 cm ensures maximum comfort for the patient.

    Load capacity

    The solid and stable construction with a safe operating load of up to 250 kg provides safe support even when caring for patients with higher weight. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, extremely high durability is ensured even under repeated increased loads.

    Comfortable positioning

    The electric positioning of the back and thigh section in combination with the mechanical positioning of the calf section allows a wide range of adjustment of the individual parts of the mattress platform. The staff and patient can conveniently adjust the individual positions using the hand control.

    Mattress platform

    The mattress platform is made of profiled metal slats. The main advantages of this material are their high resistance to chemicals used in the medical field, surface stability and resistance to wetting.

    Double autoregression

    Brings greater comfort to patients, reduces abdominal pressures and reduces the risk of decubitus.

    Castors TENTE

    All PROMA REHA beds are equipped with TENTE branded castors.

    Central brake

    Safe handling of the bed is ensured by a centrally operated brake. Easy operation via foot pedals accessible from both sides of the bed allows instant braking. Thanks to the possibility of locking the castors in the straight direction of travel, the bed can be easily operated by only one person during transport.

    Mattress holders

    The mattress holders ensure optimal positioning of the mattress when positioning the mattress platform. The holders are positioned so as not to obstruct the positioning of the evacuation mat.

    Universal accessories holders

    Two are located at the head board and two at the foot board. They allow the use of accessories such as: lifting pole and handle, IV pole, monitor holder, additional side rails, bedside lamp or extension kit.

    Bumper wheels

    The bumper wheels located at the four corners of the bed are a great help especially during transport.

    Technical parameters

    Mattress platform (length x width) 200 x 85 cm
    Outer bed dimensions with bumper wheels (length x width)   214 x 97 cm 
    Mattress platform height 39,5 - 78,5 cm
    Autoregression back part 12 cm
    Autoregression thigh part 6 cm
    Weight of the bed 125 kg
    Safe operating load of the bed 250 kg
    Maximum patient weight 215 kg
    X-Ray back part No
    Application environment for bed use  2, 3
    Mattress platform parts - metal slats Yes
    Type of boards - HPL Yes
    Type of siderails  Foldable metal siderails - 4 tubes 
    Max. angles of adjustable sections - back part 70°
    Max. angles of adjustable sections - thigh part 40°
    Max. angles of adjustable sections - calf part 25° (rastomat)

    Bed equipment

    Castors Plastic, metal (optional)
    Bumper wheels Yes
    Central brake Yes (optional)
    Horizontal accessory holder    Yes 2x (optional)
    Plastic hook   Yes 6x (optional)
    Universal accessory holder Yes 4x
    Controller Yes (fastening to the head of the bed) 


    Recommended mattress (lenght x width)   200 x 85 cm
    Mattress thickness in normal using 14 cm
    Recommended minimal mattress size 12 cm
    Recommended maximal mattress size 22 cm