Arsos Soft

Special oncological hybrid air-foam mattress for the prevention and support of the treatment of pressure ulcers up to IV. degrees according to EPUAP. The mattress is designed according to specific requirements for oncology patients, patients suffering from cachexia and pediatric patients.
Product advantages/ Highlights
Technical parameters
  • 14 pairs of individually replaceable chambers
  • elastic, vapor-permeable and water-resistant coating
  • Three-chamber pressure relief system
  • CPR valve
  • reinforced mattress edge to make it easier to get out of the bed
  • The mattress is designed to be placed directly on the bed slats
  • can also be used as a foam mattress with II. degree of pressure ulcer prevention
  • possibility of inflating the mattress with a lying patient
  • can be used with dexos® light or dexos® autoplus compressor

Technical parameters

Standard mattress height 12 cm
Maximal load capacity of the mattress 100 kg
Dimensions (lentght x width) 200 x 90 cm