Soft Air Plus WDS

The anti-decubitus mattress of the soft air plus wds type is the highest mattress of the soft air series intended for the prophylaxis and support of the treatment for bedsores at highest risk of development according to the EPUAP. Optimal pressure distribution is ensured by 19 active air chambers. In the lower part of the mattress there is an integrated foam pad, which allows direct use of the mattress on the bed slats.
Product advantages/ Highlights
Technical parameters
  • three-chamber principle of dynamic pressure alternation
  • middle 8 chambers with patient aeration system
  • suitable for patients weighing up to 150 kg
  • 19 individually replaceable air chambers
  • 3 static chambers under the patient's head
  • elastic, waterproof and vapor permeable coating
  • CPR valve

Technical parameters

Standard mattress height 16,5 +5 cm
Ultimate bearing capacity of the mattress 150 kg
Dimensions (lenght x width) 200 x 90 cm