Soft Air Simplex WDS

The anti-decubitus mattress soft air simplex wds is intended for the prophylaxis and support of the treatment for bedsores up to grade 2 risk of occurrence according to EPUAP. Optimal pressure distribution is ensured by 21 active air chambers. A significant advantage of the mattress is its easy adjustment and quick use.
Product advantages/ Highlights
Technical parameters
  • two-chamber principle of pressure alternation
  • suitable for patients weighing up to 130 kg
  • 21 individually replaceable air chambers
  • 3 static chambers
  • under the patient's head elastic, waterproof and vapor permeable coating
  • the mattress is designed to be placed on an underlying foam mattress
  • static / dynamic mode
  • ​CPR valve

Technical parameters

Standard mattress height 12,5 cm
Ultimate bearing capacity of the mattress 130 kg
Dimensions (lenght x width) 200 x 90 cm