Passive double-sided medical mattress, which is suitable for medical departments without the right to prevent pressure ulcers. Made by a special process of foaming the polyurethane mass, thanks to which open cell structures are created in the material. The mattress can always adapt optimally to the shape of the human body.
Product advantages/ Highlights
Technical parameters
  • double-sided medical sandwich mattress
  • suitable for medical departments without the right to prevention of pressure ulcers
  • made of high quality PUR foams
  • the upper layers of the mattress are provided with five zone profiling
  • The middle layer of bonded RE polyurethane increases the load-bearing capacity and service life of the mattress
  • five-zone profiling ensures tissue aeration and muscle relaxation during sleep

Technical parameters

Standard mattress height 14 cm
Maximal load capacity of the mattress  150 kg
Dimensions (lenght x width) 200 x 85 (90) cm