There is new equipment in the hospital in Náchod

19. 2. 2021
These days, PROMA REHA is working hard on a contract for the Náchod hospital. At the beginning of this month, the first beds, including other accessories, began to be imported into the new hospital pavilion. In total, he will deliver equipment to the hospital for about 10 million crowns.
"The Náchod Hospital is our heart's desire. It is located in our home region so we are happy to have been cooperating with this hospital for logterm for many years, "said the owner of the company Radek Jakubský.
PROMA REHA participated in four public contracts in which it won and therefore bariatric beds, cots, stretchers, armchairs and beds for standard care travel to Náchod.
Dozens of products from PROMA REHA will serve in the newly built hospital wards.