The biggest advantage of this bed is its folding construction. The folding construction allows the bed to be easily and quickly folded down to smaller dimensions. This makes the bed easier to handle during moving, and it fits easily into smaller spaces, such as a car, elevator or when carrying it up stairs.
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    Product advantages/ Highlights
    Technical parameters

    Folding construction

    The biggest advantage of this bed is its foldable construction. The folding design allows the bed to be folded down to a smaller size quickly and easily. This makes the bed easier to handle during a relocation, and it fits easily into smaller spaces, such as a car, elevator or when carrying it up stairs.



    Width of the mattress platform

    The optimal width of the mattress platform ensures maximum comfort for the patient and easy handling of the bed.


    Load capacity

    The solid and stable construction with a safe operating load of up to 200 kg provides safe support even when caring for client with higher weight. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, extremely high durability is ensured even under repeated increased loads.


    Electric lifting of the mattress platform

    The increased range of the bed lift reduces the strain on staff and facilitates the client handling. The reduced minimum height of the mattress platform assists the client in exiting the bed.

    Patient control

    The bed can be optionally equipped with an ergonomic patient control, which is always at hand of the patient and allows easy control of all basic functions.

    Foldable side rails

    The safety of the client on the bed is ensured by folding side rails. The easy folding of the side rails with two independent movements significantly reduces the risk of accidental lowering. The folded side rails are positioned sufficiently below the mattress level to allow easy exit from the bed.



    Comfortable positioning

    The electric positioning of the back and thigh section in combination with the mechanical positioning of the calf section allows a wide range of adjustment of the individual parts of the mattress platform. The staff and client can conveniently adjust the individual positions using the hand control.


    Trendelenburg / Antitrendelenburg

    Safe control of the tilt of the mattress platform using a foot pedal enables instant positioning in the Trendelenburg and Antitrendelenburg positions, regardless of electrical power. Automatic leveling of the mattress platform occurs at the maximum or minimum position of the bed.

    Mattress platform

    The mattress platform is made of a high-quality wire construction. The main advantages of these materials are their high resistance to chemical preparations, surface stability and resistance to wetting.


    Mattress holders

    The mattress holders ensure the optimal position of the mattress when positioning the mattress platform.


    Castors TENTE

    All PROMA REHA beds are equipped with TENTE branded castors.


    Universal accessories holders

    The accessory holders are also supplied universal for the headboard and possibly also the footboard. They enable the use of the most common accessories such as bars, infusion stands, bedside lamps or extension sets.


    Choice of design 

    Being able to choose the design  of care beds allows you to create an esthetic and welcoming space that can help improve mood, comfort and reduce stress.


    Technical parameters

    Mattress platform (length x width) 200 x 90 cm
    Outer bed dimensions (length x width)​    219 x 104 cm
    Height of mattress platform 40 - 80 cm
    Mattress platform  Metal 
    Safe operating load 200 kg
    Maximum patient weight 165 kg
    Application environment for bed use 3, 4
    Side rails Type UNI
    Trendelenburg / Antitrendelenburg 12° / 12°
    CPR Yes
    Universal accessory holders 2x
    Castors 100 mm, metal


    Recommended mattress (lenght x width)  200 x 90 cm
    Mattress thickness in normal using   ​ 14 cm
    Recommended minimal mattress size 12 cm
    Recommended maximal mattress size 22 cm