The TAURUS transport trolley is designed for fast and safe transport of bariatric patients weighing up to 285 kg. The ergonomic and intuitive controls allow immediate use of all functions. These are always designed with maximum patient and medical staff safety in mind. The handrails are equipped with the SAFE GAPS safety system, which eliminates the risk of pinching or trapping the hands during folding. The large castors and lightweight design ensure high mobility and easy handling.
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    Product advantages/ Highlights
    Technical parameters

    High load capacity 320 kg

    The solid and robust design with a load capacity of up to 320 kg creates a secure support for patient care. Very high durability is ensured thanks to the materials and technologies used.


    Easy height adjustment

    The mattress platform lift is controlled by an easy-to-use foot pedal accessible from both sides. 

    Comfortable positioning

    Back positioning is aided by a gas piston rod that allows instant adjustment to the desired position without physical effort. The attending staff can conveniently adjust the individual positions using the control levers located on either side of the stretcher. 


    Optimal width for bariatric patients

    The width of the stretcher guarantees comfortable transport even for larger patients and at the same time allows perfect access for the medical staff to the patient.

    5th wheel

    The fifth wheel ensures easy and intuitive handling of the stretcher. This feature is particularly useful in rugged areas and for handling by one person.


    Fixation belt set

    A set of three fixation belts is used to secure the patient to the bed during transport, ensuring safe movement.Fixacni-pasy.jpg 

    Folding transport handle at the head

    The transport handling handle behind the patient's head allows for quick folding when needed.

    Transport handle at the foot section

    For easy patient transport, the stretcher is equipped with a fixed handle in the foot section.Transportni-madlo-nozni-1.jpg

    Safe side rails

    The protective side rails along the mattress platform can be easily folded down to provide immediate access to the patient. Thanks to the SAFE GAPS safety system, the risk of pinching or trapping the arm during folding is eliminated.

    Paper roll holder

    The hygiene paper roll holder can be found under the mattress platform.


    Oxygen bottle holder

    The oxygen bottle can be safely stored and transported thanks to the special holder below the mattress platform.

    Drzak-kyslikove-lahve.jpgInfusion stand transport holder below the mattress platform

    The infusion stand holder is conveniently placed below the mattress platform so that it is always immediately available. 



    Bumper wheels

    The bumper wheels located at the corners of the mattress platform are a great help especially during transport.


    Universal accessory holders

    The compatibility of the stretcher with accessories is ensured by universal accessory holders. They allow the use of the most common accessories such as infusion stands or monitor holders.

    Plastic chassis cover

    The plastic cover makes daily cleaning of the stretcher easier and faster. It also protects the chassis mechanisms, thus extending the life of the individual components and the overall reliability of the stretcher.Kryt-podvozku.jpg

    TENTE brand castors

    High-quality anti-static medical castors, also suitable for outdoor use, reduce physical strain on medical staff during transport and handling. The castors are made of permanent non-marking material. The covers of the castors facilitate cleaning, protect the bearings from dirt and significantly extend their service durability.

    Central brake

    The central brake pedals, accessible at both the head and foot sections, allow safe and quick braking. Thanks to the possibility of locking the castors in the straight direction of travel, the stretcher can be easily operated by only one person during transport.Brzdy.jpg 

    Horizontal accessories holder

    The standardized stainless steel euro rail for hanging accessories is equipped with three universal plastic hooks on both sides of the stretcher.Eurolista-1.jpg 

    Mattress made of medical leatherette

    The comfortable mattress is upholstered in medical leatherette, which has anti-static protection with antimicrobial properties.Matrace.jpg


    Technical parameters

    Outer dimensions 213 x 98 cm
    Mattress platform 200 x 82 cm
    Mattress platform height 57 - 94 cm
    Lift of mattress platform Hydraulic
    Back part positioning 0 - 85°
    Safe operating load 320 kg
    Maximum patient weight 285 kg
    Weight 110 kg
    Mobile Yes
    Type of side rails Foldable
    Castors Metal, 200 mm
    Type of brake Central
    Material of mattress platform Medical leatherette
    Set of restraint straps Yes (3 x)
    5th wheel Yes
    Bumper wheels Yes
    IV pole holders Yes (2 x)
    Trasport holder of IV pole under the mattress platform    Yes
    Transport handrail foldable to head Yes
    Transport handrail to foot Yes
    Oxygen bottle holder Yes
    Horizontal accessories holder Yes
    Paper roll holder Yes