GRANO beds are designed for clients of care facilities, such as homes for the elderly, hospices, retirement homes and hospital wards with higher demands on comfort and functionality. The lowest position up to 25 cm, the automatic brake system, innovative positioning mechanisms and the patient controller with integrated lamp fully meet the high requirements for safety and comfort of clients. The beds are equipped with electric positioning of the back and foot part of the mattress platform.
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    Product advantages/ Highlights
    Technical parameters

    Comfortable positioning

    The electric positioning of the back and thigh section in combination with the mechanical positioning of the calf section allows a wide range of adjustment of the individual parts of the mattress platform. 


    Electric lifting of the mattress platform

    The increased range of the bed lift reduces the strain on staff and facilitates the patient handling. The reduced minimum height of the mattress platform assists the patient in exiting the bed.


    Width of the mattress platform

    The optimal width of the mattress platform ensures maximum comfort for the patient and easy handling of the bed.


    Trendelenburg / Antitrendelenburg 

    Quick and easy positioning into Trendelenburg (16°) and Antitrendelenburg (16°) positions with a single button.


    CPR function

    This feature ensures safe and rapid positioning of the bed in the optimal position for immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


    Double autoregression

    Brings greater comfort to patients, reduces abdominal pressures and reduces the risk of decubitus.


    Extension of the mattress platform

    Extending the bed mattress platform by up to 20 cm brings comfort even to taller patients.



    Safety load capacity

    The solid and stable construction with a safe operating load of up to 270 kg provides safe support even when caring for patients with higher weight. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, extremely high durability is ensured even under repeated increased loads.


    Choice of mattress platform

    The high-quality, easily washable mattress platform made of metal or plastic removable slats ensures high strength and durability even when roughly handled. 


    Patient control

    The bed is equipped with an ergonomic patient control, which is always at hand of the patient and allows easy control of all basic functions thanks to the colour-coded functions.


    Nurse control

    The innovative nurse control brings convenient and safe control of the bed in any situation. The combination of basic positioning functions and one-button functions ensures immediate and precise adjustment of the bed to the desired position. The nurse control allows the individual functions of the patient control to be locked.


    Central brake

    Safe handling of the bed is ensured by a centrally operated brake. Thanks to the possibility of locking one wheel in the straight direction of travel, the bed can be easily operated by only one person during transport.


    Castors TENTE

    All PROMA REHA beds are equipped with TENTE branded castors.


    Foldable siderails

    The safety of the patient on the bed is ensured by the removable folding siderails. Easy folding of the siderails with two independent movements significantly reduces the risk of accidental folding. The folded siderails are stored sufficiently below the level of the mattress and thus do not hinder the patient when getting out of bed.


    Bed linen shelf

    The extendable bed linen shelf for storing bedding is a great helper when changing bed linen.


    Bumper wheels

    The bumper wheels located at the four corners of the bed are a great help especially during transport.


    Horizontal accessories holder

    The standardised stainless steel euro rail for hanging accessories is equipped with three universal plastic hooks on both sides of the bed.


    Universal accessories holders

    The universal accessory holders are located at the headboard, possibly also at the footboard. They enable the use of the most common accessories such as bars, IV pole, bedside lamps or extension sets.



    Type of design

    The choice of color design for nursing beds allows clients and nursing staff to create an aesthetic and welcoming space that can help improve mood, comfort and reduce stress.


    Technical parameters

    Mattress platform (length x width) 200 x 90 cm
    Outer bed dimensions (length x width)     210 - 213  x  102 - 103 cm
    Mattress platform height 40 - 85 cm (electrical)
    Autoregression back part 12,5 cm
    Autoregression thigh part 6,5 cm
    Mattress platform extension  20 cm (optional)
    Calf part extension Yes
    Weight of the bed 125 kg
    Safe operating load of the bed 270 kg
    Maximum patient weight 235 kg
    Application environment for bed use 2, 3
    Mattress platform parts - metal slats Yes (optional)
    Mattress platform parts - removable plastic lamellae Yes (optional)
    Trendelenburg / Antitrendelenburg 16° / 16° (electrical)
    Max. angles of adjustable sections - back part 70° (electrical)
    Max. angles of adjustable sections - thigh part 40° (electrical)
    Max. angles of adjustable sections - calf part 25° (rastomat)


    Bed equipment

    Castors TENTE, 150 mm  plastic, 125 mm metal
    Central brake Yes
    5th wheel Yes (optional)
    Horizontal accessory holder Yes 2x (optional)
    Plastic hook Yes 6x (optional)
    Universal accessory holder Yes 4x
    Bumper wheels Yes (optional)
    Backlight chassis  Yes (optional)
    Bed linen shelf Yes (optional)
    Nurse control Yes (optional)
    Pacient control Yes (optional)
    Backup battery Yes


    Recommended mattress (lenght x width) 200 x 90 cm
    Mattress thickness  in normal using 14 cm
    Recommended minimal mattress size 12 cm
    Recommended maximal mattress size 22 cm