The BABY newborn cot is the ideal solution for ensuring the closest contact between mother and baby in the first days of life. The bed is equipped with a transparent cot tray that allows you to watch your baby and at the same time provides him with plenty of natural light, which is important for his healthy development.
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    Product advantages/ Highlights
    Technical parameters

    The BABY newborn cot is part of the first days of the baby's life during the stay in the neonatal ward. The cot is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety not only for the newborn, but also for his mother. Baby feels safe and comfortable in the newborn cot.


    Height adjustment

    The height adjustment of the cot allows parents to easily adjust the height of the cot to suit their needs.



    Trendelenburg / Antitrendelenburg

    Sleeping in the right position is very important for newborns in the first months of life. The inclination of the bath minimises the risk of reflux and keeps the airway clear. The baby can sleep peacefully, which contributes to his overall health and comfort.



    Handle for easy handling

    For easy handling and safe moving, the cot is equipped with a handling handle.


    Removable transparent cot tray

    Thanks to the transparent cot tray, not only will you be able to see the baby, but also the sun's rays, so necessary for every baby. The plastic cot tray is made of a health-safe material that fully complies with the highest requirements and standards for use in contact with the smallest babies. There are holes in the bottom of the cot tray to ensure optimal air circulation under the mattress. The cot tray can be easily removed by pulling it out of the cot structure.


    The crib includes a quality medical mattress.



    The braked castors make the cot easy to transport and safe to handle. So you can always have your baby with you no matter what you do.


    Pocket for name tag

    You can easily place your baby's name tag in the transparent pocket in the front of the cot tray.



    Removable basket

    A removable basket can be placed at the bottom of the cot for baby care essentials.


    Choice of design

    The possibility of choosing the colour design of the cot allows you to create an aesthetic and pleasant space that can help to improve the mood, comfort and reduce stress not only for the baby but also for his mother during the stay in the maternity ward.


    Technical parameters

    Suitable for newborns up to 3 months of age
    External dimensions (l x w x h) 107 x 51 x 99 - 129 cm
    Mattress dimensions (l x w) 75 x 40 cm
    Height of mattress platform 69 - 99 cm
    Mattress dimensions 74 x 39 x 4 cm
    Height adjustability Gas piston
    Mattress platform tilt control Gas piston
    Trendelenburg / Antitrendelenburg​ 15° / 15°
    Safe operating load 10 kg
    Castors 65 mm, plastic, braked
    Cot tray Removable, transparent
    Weight 16 kg